Teun is a “mens designer”, focusing on collections with a message. Within his collections he poses questions and plays with different perspectives on them. Subjects such as gender, homosexuality, vulnerability and the phenomenon “manipulation” are themes that both fascinate and frustrate him. This frustration is an enormous drive for him, often adding a certain deepness to the messages in his work. He profiles himself as a designer with a fresh perspective, one in which the male and female identity become homogeneous. This is expressed with color, material, shape and sensitivity. Especially sensitivity is vital to him. Besides his collections he employs a mixture of music and surroundings (and dance in the future) to create a complete experience for his audience.

“Frustration is an enormous drive for me.”

He starts of with a trivial fascination that blooms into something workable through conversations and fantasies. In the end his research into topics remains minimal, until he has found his first visual starting points.This could be a word, but also an image or an object. It doesn’t have to be much, as long as it speaks volumes. A simple visual starting point, allowing him to delve into shape, color and structure. Sometimes he also becomes his concept.