Say “yes” to a man in a dress.

This collection was a loveletter to myself. At this moment in my studies I was embrasing the designer I was and was going to be. I let myself get inspirerd by the fact that society is based on sekse instead of gender. The fact that women can wear a “boyfriend jeans”, and men still get that weird look when they wear a “grandmothers dress” is frustrating me. I want people to see that when you are expressing yourself like you really want to express yourself, you get at a point where you blossom. This special moment i wanted to translate into my designs, by working with big bright pink flowers.

This collection was a silente protest to embrase yourself who you are. And say “yes” to a man in a dress.

Photography: Kim Kleefman photography, Olga Simonenko.

Videography: Zoe de Wijn.

Make-up artist: Rebecca Christians.

Models: Lars Tesselaar, Armando van den Berg, Jonathan Oron, Levi van Gelder, Pedro Freitas, Ruychi van Asten, Duncan Barfuss.