A strive to merge religion and gay acceptance.

This collection revolves around religion and gay acceptance. In this world we live in it’s hard to live your life to the fullest when being gay and having a religion. I wanted to create a collection based on celebrating the beautiful sides of both worlds. Live your life like it’s yours and get the acceptance you earn. This collection is a final battle for acceptance by not being part of the war, but to decline it.

Photography: Armando Branco, Peter Stigter.

Scenography: Studio Akatak and Scott Robin Jun.
Choreography: Sessibon.

Hair: Kevin Murphy.
Make-up: Ellis Faas.

Models: Daan Rutten, Wesley Cornelio, Etienne Boonen, Kursad Tas, Brian Vluggen Brian Bemmelmans, Reggie Andrew, Stephane, Bennet Edwin Kruit and Patrick.