Strong and powerfull hooligans also have a vulnerable side.

This collection revolves around the idea of ‘hooligans’. I was particularly struck by the brotherhood found in a ‘firm’, and the vulnerability that is associated with it. By working with vulnerable/feminine fabrics that I designed, and put this in a strong new masculine silhouet I want to expose this certain vulnerability. I want to put this group in a superstition, giving them an intimidating elegance.

Photography: Armando Branko, Team Peter Stigter.

Models: Ian Joosten, Tuyk van Dam, Jonathan Oron, Marnix Vinkenborg, Joost Termeer, Luan Barros, Joshua Boots, Ingmar Sting, Arthur Spanjen, jessy Volkers, Rutger Buquet.

Choreo: Bas Andrea en Nathanlie Healermans (Frontrowbackstage).

Special Thanks: Jacqueline Driessen, Piet Koridon, Nikki Noij.