Vision Of Reality

How do we live with, but also without each other.

In this group project we started with a discussion. We discussed certain things about life. How do we with, but also without each other. How do we create our own world within our society, within the normality of this world. We’ve made up four moments a certain person goes trough in his daily life. like going to school, relaxing at home of going out to party.

The moment I’ve been working on, the person is going out. His life revolves around partying, he’s very outspoken but also very confused by the fact that nobody gets him or his ideas.

With this concept, I’ve been inspired by the music video “Hollow” by Björk. In the video they zoom in on the human body, and show us how we are from the inside.

I wanted to work with the shapes and structures that are residing within each of us.

Photography: Hedwig Vervoort.

Models: Wouter van de Kuijt.